Unlearn.AI is pioneering a computational framework for precision drug development. Our unsupervised deep learning technology is purpose-built to address the greatest challenges to applying machine learning in biology research.

The Challenge

Biology research data presents three primary challenges that existing machine learning approaches cannot overcome.

  • Models must learn from small, unlabeled datasets.
  • Models must incorporate many different types of data.
  • Models must both capture both time-dependent and time-independent data.

A breakthrough in Unsupervised Learning

Tackling the challenges of biology data head-on, we built a new machine learning framework that is both flexible and powerful. This powerful framework is the foundation for our precision drug development solutions.

Unlearn Omics

Unlearn Omics identifies patient sub-populations that are most likely to respond to new therapies using transcriptome, proteome, and microbiome data.

Unlearn Clinical

Unlearn Clinical optimizes trial design by analyzing clinical data from millions of simulated trials.